Monday, 2 July 2012

Haul and selling at a boot sale

So yesterday me and Mike set our alarm for 4am and onwards we went to sell at a boot sale. Selling at a boot sale is a great way to make extra money and I would recommend it if you have a ton of stuff you no longer want. You'd be surprised at what people would buy, for example we've had old cutlery and managed to sell the whole lot in one go. I might make a post on selling at a boot sale if people are interested?
Whilst selling I managed to take a look round whilst Mike looked after our stall. I bought a lot of items because I was browsing at the very beginning whilst it was still pretty empty so it meant a lot of items hadn't been bought yet. Here are some of my favourite bits I purchased.

One of the very first stalls I looked at had these Vivienne Westwood Iphone button stickers. There is only a few stickers left and I'm pretty sure these aren't licensed products by her but for 50p I don't mind.

My passport will now look pretty in this Cath Kidston passport case. It cost 50p and still had it's tags attached.

Clinique 'All About Eyes' cream. Cost a mere £1 and is brand new. The lady told me she spends quite a bit in Clinique so gets free goodie bags sometimes.

What is with me finding Chanel make-up for cheap? This time I got these Chanel nail varnishes for only 50p altogether. Yay! Maybe next time I'll find a vintage Chanel bag for cheap. A girl can dream right?

This pretty lace cushion was £1 but because of a stain on it I managed to get it for 50p. Nothing a little baking soda won't get rid of.

You can never have enough boxes, always something to store away to keep the house from looking too cluttered. This large box was £2 and I managed to get it for £1.50. It's a great size and on the top of it someone has written 'action man kit box'

Other items I purchased were some oversized sunglasses for 50p, Christian Dior lipstick brush for 50p, a scalloped peter pan collar blouse for 75p and a tartan dress with collar for £1.00.

Towards the end of the boot sale the guy next to us decided to leave and he left a lot of items he no longer wanted so I had a little snoop and came back with quite a bit (yay for free stuff). A minolta flash, 35mm film, Kodak instamatic camera with bag, instructions and unopened film, a little vintage tin, and lastly about 100-200 postcards dating from around the 70's/80's, it's very interesting reading through what people have wrote on the post cards. I collect them so I was really happy about this.

Phewwww that was a huge post. Hope this makes up for my slight absence


  1. Love this post, my boyfriend and I do car boots every now and then. They're super fun to do even if it means waking up at an ungodly time in the morning! You always seem to find great stuff, which is definitely not the case for me but that could be down to location :)

  2. You always get such good finds - lucky stuff with the bits at the end! I've had such bad luck with boot sales recently, bad weather and all that, determined to get to one soon though!

  3. What a fab haul! I love how that box had got "Action Man" written on it, it's the kind of thing my brother would have done when he was little! Hope you made lots of money! x

  4. did you seriously get that camera for free??
    id love it if you were to do a post about selling at a boot sale, my mom and i are thinking about it but we've never even been to one before let alone sold at one so itd be nice to get some tips~

    you always find some amazing things!! i cant wait to try and find some cool stuff for myself<3

  5. I can't believe the man just left all that stuff there! The kodak instamatic camera is gorgeous! <3 You got some amazing bargains, I especially love the passport case! ^^

  6. Love car boot sales! And I really love charity shops too ;)
    Can't believe you got the camera for free it's so cool. I collect cameras and this one is awesome!
    Please have a gander at my blog,
    Ally xoxox

  7. Lots of amazing finds! I love chanel nail varnishes, they last so long that is a real bargain to buy them, even if they are from a past collection! The kodak camera is fantastic and so the vintage tin!

  8. Wow 50p Chanel polishes?!! Amazing bargain! xx

  9. woah! which carboot is that? i seem to be unlucky in all that i go!