Thursday, 23 May 2013

Boot sale haul (Vivienne Westwood) and Cath Kidston freebie!

I love it when I have a good boot sale day! Despite the recent weather over the past week or so, I still managed to pick up quite a good haul even though the boot sale was half the size it usually is. 

I spotted this Cath Kidston bag on the floor and as I went to have a closer look the lady said I could have it for free because someone broke the plastic handle. I was like YAYYYYYYYY :D :D and when I got home I attached another bag strap to it, so now it is useable.

This adorable vintage hat was originally from St Michael. I got it for 50p and I can't wait till it's not windy and I can wear it out with cute summer dresses.

From the same stall as the hat I also got this Cure t-shirt (originally from Urban Outfitters I think) for £2 and denim Topshop shorts for £1.

This cute dolly style dress was only 50p. Yippee!

I also picked up this Vivienne Westwood Boudoir bag for £2. And you all know I am a sucker for anything Vivienne Westwood...especially when it's this cheap.

And lastly, I got this purse for 50p. I think I may use it for putting make-up and daily essentials in.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Bumbags & socks

I was too lazy to get my SLR out and snap photos of what I bought from the boot sale recently, so I thought I'd be a bit different and take some on my phone, and add some hearts for added cuteness!
I fell in love with the Moschino bumbag the minute I laid eyes on it. I held my breath as the seller told me the price of only...£3! YES! I was so scared she was going to ask for an amount over my budget. I haven't had a chance to wear it yet, as it's difficult to match with what I wear as most the stuff I wear is babydoll style dresses so the bumbag doesn't sit right with it. Mike say's I should wear it to vintage fair as I'll look like a market trader lol.

You probably recognise these socks from Topshop summer 2012. Someone was selling a whole box of them for 3 for £1. They were all brand new, so I stocked up on them. I frickin' love pastel colours, wish I bought more now!!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Monica's Vintage Fair- Saturday 8th June

Hi all,
I'll be selling at Monica's Vintage Fair again next month with lots of new stock. I'm so excited! Please pop along if you can and say hi! :)

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Vivienne Westwood leotard

A few weeks ago I went to a boot sale and it wasn't great. I felt a bit deflated, and was browsing a rail which had very plain clothing like vest tops etc, but as I was about to walk away I spotted a VIVIENNE WESTWOOD for sock shop leotard!!! It was £5 and I snapped it up right away! I actually used to own this in black a while back but sold it on as I didn't wear it. Hopefully I will wear this one, just need to lose a bit of weight first. I've gained a stone since getting married last year ha!