Thursday, 23 May 2013

Boot sale haul (Vivienne Westwood) and Cath Kidston freebie!

I love it when I have a good boot sale day! Despite the recent weather over the past week or so, I still managed to pick up quite a good haul even though the boot sale was half the size it usually is. 

I spotted this Cath Kidston bag on the floor and as I went to have a closer look the lady said I could have it for free because someone broke the plastic handle. I was like YAYYYYYYYY :D :D and when I got home I attached another bag strap to it, so now it is useable.

This adorable vintage hat was originally from St Michael. I got it for 50p and I can't wait till it's not windy and I can wear it out with cute summer dresses.

From the same stall as the hat I also got this Cure t-shirt (originally from Urban Outfitters I think) for £2 and denim Topshop shorts for £1.

This cute dolly style dress was only 50p. Yippee!

I also picked up this Vivienne Westwood Boudoir bag for £2. And you all know I am a sucker for anything Vivienne Westwood...especially when it's this cheap.

And lastly, I got this purse for 50p. I think I may use it for putting make-up and daily essentials in.


  1. I'm so jealous of the Cath Kidston bag and Friday I'm in Love tee! :(
    I do love carboot sale hauls!

  2. I love the things you got. You always seem to find some great bargains at boot sales! x

  3. You find the best things! I love the Cath Kidston purse and the hat, especially!

    xox Sammi

  4. I love the 'Friday I'm in Love' shirt!

  5. this is such an adorable haul! i especially love that cath kidston bag and omgggggg i cant believe it was free!!! the hat is so precious too <3
    im getting more and more excited to move to london each time i look at your blog *u*

  6. No way, I've been looking for that CK bag for ages! Lucky thing, love these posts <3

  7. Wonderful finds. The Cath Kidston bag and T-shirt are gems.
    I enjoy looking for treasures too in car boot sales.
    Glad to have found your blog. I will follow you!
    Have a lovely weekend. ;-)
    Jo May.