Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Outfit of the day


Has everyone got the new Blogger layout? I find it extremely confusing!
The above photos are from Saturday. The dress is a new purchase from Ebay, it is originally from St Michael and is age 9. I love it so much as it has an amazing sailor collar and it only cost me £5.99 including postage. Got to love vintage kids clothing!

Monday, 16 April 2012

Boot sale haulage!

I haven't posted about my recent boot sale buys for a while so I hope this is worth the wait. I was thinking about doing reviews on the boot sales in my area. What do you think? Hopefully it will be helpful for anyone who lives relatively close by. Just don't go stealing all the bargains ;)

Following on from one of my previous posts about finding a Liberty scarf, I have been very lucky to have found another Liberty item. These cute little embroidery scissors with a floral clown. Very random purchase, I think I paid around £2/£3 for this which is a bit higher than what I'd have liked but still a bargain and a pretty piece to have on display.

Next up is some cute little perfume bottles. These are on display on my dressing table a long with the Chanel atomiser I bought last year. I only paid 50p each for these.

Lastly, I went to two different boot sales a week apart and managed to buy almost identical charm bracelets. One is a gold colour and the other is a silver colour, although the silver coloured chain is a bit rusty so I might combine both charms together on the gold chain. They are both really sweet and have tea pot and tea cup charms which makes them even more cooool!

I have so much I need to take photos of. So will hopefully be posting another haul once everything comes out the wash.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Outfit of the day

Cardigan-Boot sale, Dress-Primark, Hello Kitty slippers-H&M kids.

How is everyone's bank holiday weekend so far?
Me and Mike haven't done much. The weather today isn't too great and although we had quite a few plans to tidy the house, we've been very lazy and have just chilled out in the living room.
The photos were taken earlier today. I am loving my little vintage knitted cardigan, it only cost 50p and it isn't itchy which is a huge plus! The grey dress is a replica of the Topshop version, I love it so much as it's so versatile and it was only £8 which is a steal compared to the £28 or so that Topshop is charging. I was really lucky to find this as I usually don't bother with Primark as I find it too much effort going there. Does anyone else find this with Primark?

Monday, 2 April 2012

Boot sale skincare products

Body shop products 50p each, Simple products 20p each, Clinique products 10p each, Argan cream 50p.

I used to have completely clear skin but over the past year or so my skin has decided to work against me and I often find myself reading reviews on skincare products. Unfortunately the hunt for something that works for me continues and the longer this continues the more money I spend, so now that boot sale season is in full swing I have been keeping an eye out for products to buy. This time of year is the best time as many sellers are getting rid of their unwanted Christmas presents so you can sometimes pick up brand new items for bargain prices.
The above photo is what I have picked up over the past few weeks from different sellers. All unused products and best of all the total cost was only £2.10!
It's a great way to try new products without breaking the bank.