Sunday, 19 February 2012

I love macarons

I love it when Urban Outfitters donates to the Greenwich & Bexley Cottage Hospice charity shop because you can always pick up some major bargains. In the past I have seen brand new dresses with a RRP of £60 being sold for £4. I highly recommend trying to find out if any of your local charity shops get donated stock. On my recent visit I managed to pick up this macaron cook book for only £1. Hopefully at some point I can get round to making some of these. Watch this space...

Speaking of macarons, I also purchased this set of macaron lip balms from Accessorize. I admit that I am a sucker for cute packaging and was drawn in immediately, although note that Accessorize have wrote macaron wrong and have got confused with a macaroon which is a coconut type cake thing. I wish they would get more macaron themed items in.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Outfit of the day

Coat-Jovonnista via Ebay, Faux fur collar-Accessorize, Jumper-Zara, Lace collar blouse-Miss Selfridge, Polka Dot Skirt-Zara via charity shop, Boater hat broach-Charity shop, Creepers-Underground, Bag-Vivienne Westwood.

This is what I wore to pop over to Greenwich. The coat was a major steal at £5.20 including postage, I had to resew a button or two but apart from that it's great! I think the reason why I got it so cheap was because the seller simply listed the coat as 'ladies winter coat-size 8'. They also spelt the name of the designer wrong in the description. I did some research on this particular coat and it still retails at £50-£85. Yay! I teamed the coat with this faux fur collar I bought from the Accessorize 70% off sale. The jumper was from the Zara sale and the lace blouse underneath is Miss Selfridge. I love teaming jumpers up with collars! The cute little boater hat broach was a recent purchase from a charity shop, it cost me £2.99. I wouldn't usually pay that much for a broach but I think it's so sweet. The polka dot skirt is originally Zara but I purchased it from a charity shop, it was a lucky find as I have been wanting this skirt for a while now.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

TK Maxx kitchen bargains

Me and Mike have been recently buying pretty things for our kitchen. One of our favourite places to browse for this kinda thing is TK Maxx. It's pretty much pot luck when you shop in there and I often avoid the clothing section nowadays as it isn't quite as good as it used to be. Who remembers when they used to do sales where items were as low as 50p? Those days are long gone now.
Anyway, I stumbled across this pretty floral dish brush by Cath Kidston. I am a sucker for all things floral especially when it's cheap CK! It cost £3.99 and makes a boring looking sink look bright and cheery!

The next items we bought were some floral tea towels. They aren't by Cath Kidston but look very similar. They cost £4.99 for a pack of 3.

I really recommend shopping in TK Maxx for home related items. I remember a few months ago they had floral Cath Kidston duvet sets and I also often see other CK items as well such as room perfumes and soaps.