Wednesday, 24 July 2013


I picked up this vintage Caboodle case at the weekend from the boot sale. It cost me £1 and found the pastel colours very eye catching. (I am obsessed with pastels). It's perfect for storing all my make-up in one place and is pleasing to the eye as well.
When I got home I did some research on Caboodle's and discovered the first design was made in 1987. I don't remember these cases to be honest as I was born in late 1989, but I can imagine girls storing their hair scrunchies in them and going to sleepovers. The inside has a mirror as well and different compartments so it's easy to separate all my bits n' bobs.
Did you have one of these as a kid?
Check out this advert! I love it :)

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Silver Magpie Fairs- Meopham Village Hall 13th July

Yesterday I sold at a craft fair in Meopham in Kent. It was a bit risky as 3/4 of my stall is vintage clothing and accessories, and the remaining 1/4 is handmade jewellery and decorated homeware. Unfortunately, it was a rather quiet event, I guess everyone decided to make the most of the lovely weather and head to the beach. It was still a good event though as I met some lovely people. Here some photos of my stall from the day.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

One of my most expensive boot sale finds so far

Hi all,
I'm loving this weather we're having. I hope it stays :) Are you enjoying it?
Me and Mike drove to the beach this morning and beforehand we went to a boot sale. I always like to check out boot sales in different areas as it's interesting to see how it differs from the ones in my local area. I don't usually have much luck with ones that are on Saturday, but because we were passing anyway we thought we'd check it out, especially as the weather is so nice. This led onto me picking up this dress handmade from Cath Kidston fabric. It cost £10 which makes it one of my most expensive boot sale finds so far (it ties with a pair of pink Dr Martens I got a few years ago for £10 also). I hesitated and pondered over the dress for a while as it's quite a lot to part with for something I can't try on, so was quite a risk. Luckily the risk paid off and it fits great, apart from it being a bit shorter than what I'd usually wear. It has a really cute babydoll type fit. I love it and it really reminds me of summer.

Here is a (rubbish) photo of me wearing it. Mike was doing the food shopping so I had to improvise.