Wednesday, 24 July 2013


I picked up this vintage Caboodle case at the weekend from the boot sale. It cost me £1 and found the pastel colours very eye catching. (I am obsessed with pastels). It's perfect for storing all my make-up in one place and is pleasing to the eye as well.
When I got home I did some research on Caboodle's and discovered the first design was made in 1987. I don't remember these cases to be honest as I was born in late 1989, but I can imagine girls storing their hair scrunchies in them and going to sleepovers. The inside has a mirror as well and different compartments so it's easy to separate all my bits n' bobs.
Did you have one of these as a kid?
Check out this advert! I love it :)


  1. I'm a few years older than you, and I don't remember these! They're super cute, though <3

    (I'm also wondering what the little round and square cases in the bottom right corner of the advert are, the ones with the little brushes for lids...)

  2. Aaaah! I had one of these! This brings back memories. I loved pastels back then, and I still love them now! x

  3. oh wow, this is an amazing find! and only £1
    you find all the goodies!! :)

  4. Maybe not the same brand, but when we were younger I remember getting jealous of my baby sister who had one for her dolls. Come to think of it, I should tell her this if she still has it with her!