Thursday, 26 July 2012

Boot sale haul

Yay for Liberty. This beautiful floral print Liberty blouse was £1.50. I haven't had a chance to wear this yet but I'm so glad to add it to my slow growing collection of Liberty items.

These acid wash shorts were originally jeans which I bought for £1.00. I love these so much, I always struggle to find nice acid wash items so these are perfect.

Now, brace yourself for this amazing hoop skirt. It was 50p. Need I say more to why I purchased it? Obviously it's not going to be something I am going to wear out but you never know when a hoop skirt might come in handy...ok I admit it was a odd purchase but hey 50p!!

These two satchels are so cute. I managed to get the larger leather one for £4.00 and the tiny satchel for 50p.

Who doesn't love a freebie? Walked past a lady who was pretty much getting rid of everything for free so had a rummage and came away with these items. Seaside themed chalk board (I love the seaside), floral pillow, brand new body lotions and brand new Ted Baker mini perfume.


  1. Lovely finds! These are making me want to start checking out some car boot sales again :) xx

  2. Love your tan saddle bag and the Liberty House blouse, very pretty! Those jeans are pure 1980s, acid wash was all the rage back then, I remember it well! x

  3. Love these, I need to go to your car boot sales :) x

  4. wow you found really good stuff! :D xxx

  5. the shorts look gorgeous and I adore those sort of blouses.

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