Sunday, 24 March 2013

Dolly shoes

One of the good things about having small feet is that I can buy cute kids shoes. I found this pair of cute buckled dolly type shoes from a boot sale a few weeks ago for £5. They are brand new so it's a fair price. They are incredibly comfy and I am over the moon that I found them. I love pairing them up with lace socks and peter pan collar dresses. Bring on summer! *cough*


  1. Such a bargain for such a cute pair of shoes! :)

  2. ah ma gaaaad! I love these! I loved those hello kitty dr marts you had at the fair! but alas they were the wrong size!! these are so dainty! would love a pair of these in red!!! xxxxx

  3. So cuuute! I wish my feet were small enough for kids shoes! Too bad I wear a US 9 (which I guess is a EU 40)...

  4. Gorgeous :) I'm a size 3 so I get children's shoes too!

    Amy x

  5. these are so cute!! I have a similar pair from Topshop but I've worn them so much that they are getting a bit tatty now. I'll have to keep a lookout in the charity shops!

    they look so cute with those socks too!!!

    lots of love xxxxxx

  6. wait, what? just.. how small is your shoe size? Whoa~!!! those are so cute~!! I love the details, and I love how you match it with lacey socks (my weakness) ^O^~