Saturday, 2 February 2013

I'm back! Battersea boot fair and charity shops

Hi all!
I'm back! It has been a busy few months, I had no time to think about blogging and my brain seemed frazzled. Hopefully I can get back into the swing of things.
Last week me and Julia went back to visit Battersea boot sale. It wasn't as big as it usually is but that was expected due to the recent weather. We still came away with some lovely things, and obviously as usual I come away with regret because I didn't buy a pretty coat I saw. It always happens.
Here are a few things that I did come away with.

I originally wasn't too keen on the colour of this dress, I never wear blue but I just couldn't resist buying it as it has a squirrel print on it and is a lovely shape. It was a lot more than what I would usually pay (£5), but I knew that Battersea boot sale prices were higher than normal ones. The labels inside is cut out so I am not sure where it is originally from..although the fact she cut the labels out makes me think it's primark lol.

At the bottom of this box of random bits and bobs I found this doll thing with a pear outfit on. It's very random and creepy but I love it, plus it was only 50p.

I did purchase some other items but they aren't very interesting, plus most the other bits were for Mike (I'm such a lovely wife hehe). After the boot sale, me and Julia drove past some charity shops so we decided to pop in. There were 3 charity shops a few doors apart from each other and I managed to buy something from each one. These Vivienne Westwood badges were at the bottom of a box of cosmetics, they were 25p each! I'll never wear them but it's always exciting to find stuff like this :)

The first two figurines weren't bought from a charity shop but were bought recently from a friend on Instagram who has her own shop in Cornwall (hoping to make a visit to her shop in the summer). Check out her shop on Facebook Fine & Dandy. I had specifically been after ornaments of these characters for a while so it was meant to be when I saw she had two for sale. Strangely enough, the larger ornament was from one of the charity shops. It was such a strange coincidence considering I had only just received the smaller ones in the post recently. Now they live happily on the fireplace in our living room :)

The last item I bought from one of the charity shops was a Slipknot t-shirt, ha! I used to be quite the fan of them when I was a teenager. It was only 50p so I thought, why not? ;-)


  1. I think that dress is beautiful, I love the bright blue colour!

    Amy x

  2. I loveee the dress! Wonderful finds :D xo

  3. Good to see you back! I'm always dubious too if the tags have been cut but who cares if you love it! Sometimes it's just ex-highstreet and if it's sold on after the season they have to remove the labels. Well done on the Vivienne Westwood badges, incredibly jealous of those! xxx

  4. The dress is so cute, and those Westwood badges are a great find! So awesome! ^^

  5. that dress is lovely! if im not mistaken I think it's topshop they they had a dress with the exact same print on recently but different style! you got some lovely finds! xxx

  6. You always seem to find great pieces, Dina. That dress is lovely. The print is so cute! x

  7. I love the dress! thanks for your lovely comment on my blog :)xxx

  8. Great Blog, Love all the pictures!

    It would be great if we could follow each other :)

    hope you enter my giveaway on my blog <3
    Blog Here


  9. I HEART charity shops! It can be a hit and miss sometimes.

    A friend of mine picked up a genuine YSL purse for £3.00!!! BARGAIN! x

  10. wow everything is gorgeous!