Sunday, 10 February 2013

How does your garden grow...?

I do have a garden, but I don't venture into it during the winter months. This little potted plant will do me for now until spring comes around and the flowers start to bloom.
The plant was 50p from a boot sale a few weeks ago, it fits perfectly in this Cath Kidston egg cup..yes, an egg cup. I bought it from the same boot sale a few stalls down. It came with a blue one as well and for the set it was £2. It's so cute and lives happily on the window ledge.


  1. Cute!! Almost carboot season and I cannot wait!! x

  2. so cuttte. I'll post a picture of my rose plant that I bought myself for valentines day. Well it wasn't for valentines day but it was just cute. Glad you're back and bloggggging. I love it. xx

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