Friday, 14 December 2012

Battersea boot sale VS Capital (Pimlico) boot sale

A few weeks ago I decided to check out the above two boot sales. Reason being all the boot sales I usually go to have stopped for winter so I decided to venture further afield and explore.
Both Battersea boot sale and Capital boot sale have tons of reviews online raving about how the quality of goods is much better and you have a higher chance of finding bargain designer goods.

Battersea boot sale.
Upon arriving me and Julia decided to opt for the £3 entry instead of the 50p entry as that is when it gets extremely busy. £3 is a bit steep to be honest but we paid up as we were expecting goodies galore. Upon entering we stumbled across a real mix of stalls, the prices seemed to vary from the usual prices of 50p upwards to £10 for a dress because it was 'vintage'. One stall in particular was amazing. Loads of Topshop items including those stripey seaside style denim shorts from the summer for only 50p (score!). Me and Julia got quite a haul from that stall. We then plodded on and found some really expensive stalls but we didn't really find any designer goods. (Vintage Chanel day). Overall is was a good boot sale, although once it gets to the time when entry is 50p it gets extremely busy to the point where you aren't able to move so I highly suggest you opt for the £3 entry.

Capital (Pimlico) boot sale.
A few weeks after Battersea we headed to Capital boot sale in Pimlico (They have two different sites). If you follow them on Twitter you get free entry if you quote the password at the entrance. We were a bit disappointed with this boot sale as it just seemed to be full of stalls with baby/kids items. Not many stalls with clothing and in general the stalls seemed empty, despite the actual boot sale being rather busy at some points. The good thing about this boot sale is that there is an indoor and an outdoor with a seating area. We didn't purchase much from this one but all is not lost as the entry was free. And we also met a lovely man called Joe and his pet parrot named Maxi.


  1. Where do you work in Covent Garden? I'm just looking around for cheap places to live but there isn't any! Haha. The boot sales sound fab, all the ones up here have finished for winter now too.

  2. Yeah, my mum wants me to live somewhere nice because she thinks I'll be safer. But it's quite expensive. I'd live in a flatshare but I'm worried I wont get on with the people as I've never lived with others before, only my brother and that's different.

  3. Hey Dina! You should post pictures of what you bought definitely. Also the parrot is cute.