Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Longchamp at a boot sale

Yup, you read that right. I got a genuine Longchamp bag at a boot sale. The girl wanted £5 but I managed to get it for £4. Amazing price, and the weird thing is that I was thinking about purchasing a Longchamp bag recently as I received a giftcard for Selfridges. Very strange. Anyway, this bag is a really great size, plenty of room for all my stuff and great for when you are in a rush and need to quickly stuff all your possessions in a bag and go! Also, a big THANK YOU to all those who have congratulated me :) It really means alot.


  1. Wow! Great find as per usual and such a beautiful colour too!

  2. Great bargain, I have been lusting after one of these for a while, just can't justify the price!

    Just to let you know I have nominated you for a liebster award, you can find the post here :)

    Jo xo

  3. oh my, what an excellent find! also saw the post about the hermes scarf, you have such good luck! i am jealous! enjoy your new bag :] xx

  4. Great find! I picked up a navy Longchamp at the car boot last summer, sadly only the smallest size but still a bargain at £4 :)