Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Boot sale review- Tripes Farm, Orpington

Tripes Farm
Chelsfield Lane
Open to buyers from 7am

Finally managed to take a few photos of boot sales, so onwards with the review!
Tripes Farm is located a short distance from Orpington High Street. It's on every fortnight and has free parking and entry. There are some really wonderful things to be found here especially because of it's surrounding area. You get quite a few elderly sellers selling off their vintage items for really great prices. It's not very busy which is also great because it means you don't get people walking into you whilst they are looking at the stalls which is one thing which really irritates me. There are a few market type stalls but they are mainly just selling food or kitchen goods and are usually situated together anyway so it's easy to skip that whole section. The downside to this boot sale is that it's smaller than other boot sales I go to so I usually head to another one close by when I'm done. The plus side is that it's free so no money lost if you haven't bought anything.

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  1. Ah! I hate it when people walk into you or get in your way. All mannerisms are abandoned when it comes to car boots it seems!