Thursday, 26 January 2012

Starbucks freebie

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Been very busy and when I'm not busy all I want to do is rest and chill out in my PJ's.
For now I will leave you with this photo I took on my phone. I went to Starbucks yesterday and they were giving away mini mugs and saucers. I managed to grab the last set but unfortunately it has a tiny chip at the back but isn't anything major as I'm only going to use it as a display item in the house :) So cute isn't it?


  1. Ah no way! I wish the one near me did that! Great freebie <3

  2. Hahaha, your reply to my Random Questions tag was the best.
    I loved the sock thing. Genius!
    Keeping in mind you said you worried lots, you cry over everything and you read mental health books, I was just wondering if you could offer any advice into reducing personal insecurities. I feel that this is the root of all my problems, I worry too much too, I cry over everything and have suffered from depression for 5 years. Everything I do is useless :(

  3. Aw, my starbucks never offered that! It looks so cute though!

  4. Sure, just search Meowcake on Facebook

  5. Love the post and Starbucks.

  6. Yes, that is so cute!!
    Too bad it has a chip :(


  7. cute mug (: !
    CMPang x

  8. love starbucks! xo

  9. Wah! So cute!
    I can't believe it was free

  10. I would love one of these. I don't even have a starbucks near me though, so when I do get a starbucks it is a huge treat! My love the ice drinks from there. Costa just isn't as good.

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    Sarah xoxo